Wildcat Press Summer Edition 2019

Fri, 08/17/2018 - 2:24pm

Wildcat Press Summer Edition


Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! There is so much excitement around the start of a new school year! It’s hard to believe the 2019-2020 school year is less than a month away!  As the proud administrators of Worthington ES, we are looking forward to an exceptional school year! We welcome and value your positive energy and support in making this the best school year possible!


At this time of the summer, all signs point to another productive and amazing school year at Worthington. Our devoted staff is already planning and preparing for your children.  Our dedicated office staff has been busy welcoming new families and making preparations for the return of our staff and students. Our hardworking, conscientious custodial staff have spent the entire summer thoroughly cleaning our school.  Our fabulous PTA has been gearing up to offer many exciting events throughout the year. We are totally committed to a positive school community who shares common goals of nurturing responsible, caring students and promoting academic growth and excellence. 


We look forward to seeing you all at our August “Sneak a Peek” sessions and our September Back to School events. Thank you to all who have helped in preparing for our new school year.  Your commitment to our WoES school community is awesome. It remains an honor and privilege to serve as your administrators. Together, we know this school year will be a shared success of growth and achievement for all of our students.



Mrs. Jenkins and Mr. Morton-Ortega




6 - Family File is LIVE for SY 2019-2020! 

10 - Kindergarten Playdate for Incoming Kindergarten Students @ Ilchester Elementary Playground 10:00 AM

21 - Staff Returns


29 - Kindergarten Playdate for Incoming Kindergarten Students @ Worthington ES Playground 6:00 PM

29 - New Family Orientation @ 6:45 ** This is for any NEW families to Worthington including Kindergarten NEW families

30 - Class Announcement Worthington Cafeteria (During each “Sneak a Peek”) **This is available for any family who did not update Family File/HCPSS Connect to receive the announcement.

30 - Open House/”Sneak a Peek”

  • Kindergarten 9:30-10:15 AM
  • Grades 1 & 2 10:30-11:15 AM
  • Grades 3, 4, 5 11:30-12:15 PM


2 - Labor Day - Schools & Offices Closed

3 - School Opens for Students (Kindergarten - 5th Grade)

4 - PreK/RECC Open House

  • AM 4 day PreK classes and MINCPK @ 10:30 - 11:30 AM
  • PM 5 day PreK classes @ 1:00 - 2:00 PM

5 - School Opens for PreK/RECC Students

5 - MHHS Back-to-School Night @6:00 PM

12 - EMMS Back-to-School Night @ 6:30 PM

13 - PTA Back-to-School Party

17 - Individual Student Pictures

18 - Back-to-School Night for Grades K, 1, 2 @ 6:30 PM

19  - Gifted & Talented Information Session @ 6:00 PM

19  - Back-to-School Night for Grades 3, 4, & 5 @ 6:30 PM

27  - PTA Back-to-School Party - RAIN DATE

30 - Schools and Offices CLOSED – Rosh Hashanah



9 - Schools and Office CLOSED - Yom Kippur

10 - Family Fitness Night @ 6:00-8:00PM

11 - Kindergarten Field Trip - Summers Farm

15 - Literacy Night

17 - 5th Grade Field Trip - Mt. Vernon

18 - Schools Closed - HCPSS Professional Work Day

25 - 2nd grade Field Trip - Baltimore Museum of Industry



There will be no printed 2019-2020 calendars. Staff, students, and families may add our online calendar to their own mobile/online calendar by


  1. Going to https://www.hcpss.org/calendar/

  2. Scrolling down to Subscribing to a Calendar

  3. Right-clicking on the calendar you wish to subscribe to

  4. Selecting Copy Link Location/Address/Shortcut

  5. Adding to your calendar of choice (See your calendar for specifics on adding a new calendar)


You also may view and/or download printable PDFs of the full calendar and/or important dates only. Updates to the PDFs will be noted on the HCPSS calendar page.

PLEASE NOTE! The calendar is subject to change. The online calendar reflects the most recent version.




It is time to update your child's emergency contact information in HCPSS Connect! This is the most important step as we prepare for the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Your Family file needs to be updated every school year. 


Families that update and complete their Family File will be able to view teacher assignments for the upcoming school year beginning August 28, 2019. In addition, having this information is critical to us as soon as the first day of school.


HCPSS Connect is open to update your Family File. This information is very important! Please take time to do this now. It is very important to have your Family File information complete prior to the first day of school.


You will be asked to update or provide the following information:


  • Parent/guardian contact information. Please provide the most current contact information.

  • Emergency contacts. Who do you want to pick up your child in case you cannot?

  • Medical information

  • Arrival and dismissal procedures. How will your child arrive to school and be dismissed on a daily basis? Additionally, provide what procedure your child should follow in case of an unscheduled early closing of schools.

  • Media coverage. This includes students being photographed for school events.

  • Data confidentiality.

  • PTA directory. What information do you want to be included in our WoES PTA Directory?

You can access HCPSS Connect here http://www.hcpss.org/connect/


Changes of address may not be made through Family File. If you have recently moved, please contact our WoES office at 410-313-2825 as soon as possible.


Parents who have forgotten their login credentials for Family File may click the “Forgot Password” link on the sign-in page. If you need additional assistance, please fill out this Connect Help Form.



Teacher notifications will be through Family File again this year. You will be able to see your child's teacher on August 28. In order to access your child's teacher, you need to complete Family File prior to August 28. 



Farewell and Thank you!

We thank the following staff members for their service to our Worthington learning community and wish them well as they begin a new chapter in their lives. 


Ms. Ann Shilling (former RECC Special Education Teacher) - Ms. Shilling has transferred to Veterans Elementary where she will serve as an 11-month Infants and Toddler Teacher.

Ms. Holly Jones - (former 2nd grade teacher) - Due to the reduction of a teacher position at Worthington, Ms. Jones has transferred to Swansfield Elementary where she will continue to serve as a classroom teacher. 

Ms. Mary McKitrick (former Physical Therapist) - Ms. McKitrick retired from the HCPSS after serving our county for many years. Best of luck to Ms. McKitrick on her retirement!

Ms. Joan Tellish (former Mathematics Support Teacher)- Ms. Joan Tellish retired from the HCPSS after serving our county for many years.  Best of luck to Ms. Tellish on her retirement. 

Ms. Teri Trail (former Reading Support Teacher) - Due to a decrease of budgetary funds for RST and MST positions, Ms. Trail has transferred to Deep Run Elementary where she will continue to serve as a RST. 

Mr. Anthony Stothers (former P.E. teacher) - Due to the reduction of a P.E. teacher position at Worthington, Mr. Strothers has transferred to Pointers Run Elementary.

Ms. Shakuntala Munnaluru (former RECC paraeductor) - Due to the reduction of paraeducators at Worthington, Ms. Munnaluru has transferred to Ducketts Lane Elementary.

Ms. Donna Tafuri (former .5 Kindergarten paraeducator) - Ms. Tafuri retired from the HCPSS after serving our county for many years. Best of luck to Ms. Tafuri on her retirement!

Ms. Debbie Eikenberg (former Special Education paraeducator) - Due to the reduction of paraeducators at Worthington, Ms. Eikenberg has transferred to Ellicott Mills Middle School.

Ms. Stacey Naecker (former nurse at WoES & EMMS) - Ms. Naecker is leaving the HCPSS to pursue a nursing case manager position. Best of luck to Ms. Naecker on her new position!

Ms. Danielle DiTomasso (former .5 Teacher’s Secretary) - Ms. DiTomasso has transferred from a HCPSS Teacher’s Secretary position to a HCPSS substitute teacher.  We look forward to seeing Ms. DiTomasso in her new role! 


Please join us in welcoming the following individuals to the Worthington Elementary family.  These new staff members bring a variety of experiences that only enhance what we offer our students:


Welcome Ms. Bonita Ward! Ms. Ward is joining our RECC/PreKindergarten Team as a Special Education Teacher! Ms. Ward is new to Howard County and she brings with her years of experience teaching in RECC/Preschool and PreKindergarten in Baltimore and Carroll counties. 


Welcome Ms. Toshia Jefferson! Ms. Jefferson is joining our staff as our Physical Therapist.


Next year, we will have three classes each in first, third, fourth and fifth grades.  There will be four classes in Kindergarten and second grade. The following are staff changes for next year.  Please know there is always a chance for additional change throughout the month of August. 


Kindergarten: Ms. Schatra (ITL), Mrs. Widmaier, Ms. Driskill, Mrs. Naden

First Grade: Mrs. Schultz (ITL), Mrs. Firebaugh, Mrs. Saunderson

Second Grade: Ms. Diop (ITL), Ms. Leotta, Ms. Maranto, Mrs. Knight

Third Grade: Mrs. Anderson (ITL), Mr. Chen, Mrs. Wells

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Lindberg (ITL), Ms. Thomas, Ms. Fleming

Fifth Grade: Ms. Harris (ITL), Mr. Hakim, Ms. Schroeder



The Supply List for the 2019-20 school year can be found on the main page of our website.


We encourage you to drop off your school supplies during the “Sneak a Peek” on August 30th. Please be sure to clearly label your child’s supplies with his/her name. 



Kindergarten Registration is ongoing all summer. It is always beneficial to the school and families, if you register as soon as possible. Registration impacts our staffing. If you were unable to come to school for registration, please call school to make an appointment. Finally, on-line registration is available for your convenience.


Are You Moving and Not Returning to WoES for the 2019-20 School Year?

If you know that you are relocating prior to our first day of school, September 3rd, please notify our WoES Front Office as soon as possible at 410-313-2825 or email Iris Feinberg at iris_feinberg@hcpss.org. You will need to sign a release of records form to ensure that your child’s new school receives the records before the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. During the school year, transfer packets take a minimum of 24 hours to prepare. As we do not have a full registration staff during the summer, transfer packets and records may take longer to get to you and new school(s).