A Message from the School Nurse Regarding COVID-19 Symptoms

A Message From The School Nurse


As we continue our transition to hybrid learning, it is essential to ensure students are healthy enough to attend in-person instruction. Parents/guardians are to perform a symptom check every day before the student leaves home. A student having any of the following symptoms should not be sent to school and may continue to access their classrooms virtually, if they are well enough to do so:   


Fever of 100.4 or higher/chills 

New uncontrolled cough 

 Difficulty breathing 

 Extreme fatigue (or feeling very tired) 

 Congestion/runny nose (notify health room of seasonal   allergies)

 Sore throat 

 Headache (if that is unusual for your student) 

 Muscle/ body ache 

 Loss of taste or smell 

 Nausea/vomiting, diarrhea 

Please contact the health room with any questions or concerns and remember to update the health room with your student's health conditions. We are here for you and are committed to keeping the Worthington

community safe! 

Sue Wingard RN (school nurse) Suzanne_Wingard@hcpss.org

Alisha Coleman (Health Assistant) Alisha_Coleman@hcpss.org


Suzanne Wingard RD, RN

School Nurse

Worthington Elementary School

Ellicott Mills Middle School




Friday, March 5, 2021 - 3:45pm